Lymphatic Drainage​** Specialty**

Focused massage strokes to detox, drain, and SHAPE from cosmetic surgeries, such as 360 Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, Tummy Tuck, Mommie Makeovers, I've got just the touch and tools for a faster, effective recovery for looking GREAT! 

Select massage above, if you have undergone treatment, Session Packages also available. 

Hot Stone 

*My Favorite in school*. I have designed this massage solely around what you're seeking in a massage whether it be to relax, dig in there or just a few focal areas. Adding smooth heated stones to your session for some extra UMPFH!

Select Massage above, if you need muscle relief

Table Top Thai

They call it the pretzel massage just to give you a visual, but I'm not here to hurt ya, Gentle pressure and stretching techniques given through acupressure and ayurvedic principles to relax the entire body.

Select massage above, if you are an athlete, have a computer/desk job, carry stiffness,and or workout, 

Lomi Lomi 

Time travel to Hawaii with soothing fast paced strokes like the waves of an ocean. Very relaxing and classic massage for those looking to just say ahhh!

Select massage above for a non compartmentalized massage

Energy Healing (therapist choice)

Allow yourself to fully let go and be in my care, hands and energy. Combination of different techniques based off everything your body may tell me. Truly healing to the emotional intelligence

Select massage for a deeper understanding of what your mental health is telling your physical health

Sacred Postpartum Aftercare Highly Recommended!

After all that energy expelled through creating and delivering life those lost nutrients need to be placed back in. This massage is all the focus for restoring those nutrients and energy once again through ancient Chinese, African and Thailand traditions

Select massage if you have just recently given birth, up to 4 months