Meeting Christine:

Hi Ladies and Gents, 

Thank you for surfing the net and finding my website. It means a lot to me, even for you to just be price shopping but besides the price you want the energy of a person touching you to be positive, knowledgeable and light (not with distress) and with that said you've come to the right place. Me? I'm all about incentive, inspiration and motive. I've been practicing massage for over 7  years, I studied at Georgia Medical Institute in Norcoss. When I'm not massaging, I'm whipping up a dish I've never heard of, tearing someone up in paintball LOL! or having my own oasis in my room. I keep my life full of learning and growing for the better version of myself and I want that for you too!

The tests we face in life's journey are not to reveal our weaknesses but to help discover our inner strengths -Kemi Sogunle